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Implementing Large Enterprise Solutions as a Participatory Process – Interview with Stefanie Supper

Implementing large, integrated enterprise solutions frequently involves skyrocketing costs and missed rollout deadlines. Companies scramble to apply one-size-fits-all products, leaving the majority of users dissatisfied with a tool they have had no initial involvement in. Stefanie Supper of Supper & Supper GmbH explains how major implementations can be designed as an integrative process to ensure the success of the project. Even with PPM solutions such as Planisware, errors of judgement can occur due to a lack of change management. As Supper & Supper and Planisware have maintained a long-standing cooperation, with large implementation projects involving company-wide project portfolio management these risk factors can be sidestepped elegantly.

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Trend forecast as part of the innovation process: Interview with trend researcher Lola Güldenberg

“My mission is to interfere, to unsettle, and to open people’s eyes”

Companies make decisions for the next two, five or twenty years, based on the predictability, knowledge and a vision of how people, markets, trends and technologies respond to each other.


Trend researcher Lola Güldenberg and her agency offer companies their expertise: Lola and her partner Audrey Maak provide impulses for changes and transformations that are accompanied and moderated by companies such as Supper & Supper. We met the trained designer to discuss the relationship between trends and change.

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After the Black Sea Circle: Interview with Markus Kotzur

“There wasn’t a single moment where I regretted taking part”

During this year’s Black Sea Circle, Markus Kotzur travelled 7,300 kilometers in 16 days across 13 countries: starting in Germany, and then on to the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and from there to Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, and Greece, and from there by ferry to the island of Chios, off the shore of Turkey, to Cesme in Turkey, to Georgia, and finally back to Istanbul, where the tour ended. Supper & Supper sponsored Markus on this adventure.

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Why is Supper & Supper sponsoring Black Sea Circle? Interview with Stefanie and Rafael Supper

Crazy but Charming

Stefanie and Raphael Supper are sponsoring Markus Kotzur’s participation in the Black Sea Circle Rally. The following interview explains their reasons for doing so.

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Resistance to Change: I believe in change management … as long as it doesn`t affect me!

Stefanie and Rafael Supper, CEOs of Supper & Supper, explain how to identify and transform resistance to change processes

Stefanie and Rafael Supper, CEOs of Supper & Supper, explain how to identify and transform resistance to change processes.

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