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R Training
2 Days

The statistical programming language R has been established as one of the standards for Data Science applications in the past decade. It is perfect to conduct statistical analyses and to implement Machine Learning algorithms in your projects.
Learning R might be challenging at first as creating a base knowledge involves building up coding knowledge, understanding of statistical principles and a feel for how to handle data. In our two-day training session we will lay the groundwork for your journey into Data Science.
After the training you will have attained the basic principles of the R programming language, how to conduct data analyses and be familiar with standard R packages to write your own functions, programs and applications.
Our trainers are experienced in IT and project management, live a creative mix of the digital experience and have a hands-on mentality. The workshop will include practical use cases and realistic exercises.
This training is limited to 8 participants.


R Basics
Introduction to R and RStudio
Properties, features and uses of atomic datatypes
Elementary operators, methods and functions
Working with lists, matrices and data frames
Control structures and functions
Expressions and statements
Important functions
Building familiarity with important R packages
Statistical Modeling in R
Accessing, using and saving data in R
Creating simple plots for visualization
Building regression models
Time Series Analysis
Data Science in R
Exploring data in R
Introduction to Machine Learning through K-Means Clustering
Dimensionality Reduction with Principal Component Analysis

R Training - Supper & Supper GmbH

Target group

This training is aimed at technical professionals who want to acquire a solid basis of the R programming language to implement Data Science within their own projects.


Knowledge of basic coding and statistics are advantageous, but not required.
Please bring your own notebook to the practical exercises in the training.

Training Set-Up

The training will take place between 9am and 5pm at the Supper & Supper Data Academy. Lunch will be provided in the Supper & Supper community kitchen. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere on the terrace, run a Carrera race and meet the team of Supper & Supper GmbH and talk to your coaches and other training participants.

Training location

The Supper & Supper Data Academy is located in Kleine Alexanderstraße 11 in Berlin - only a few minutes away from Berlin Alexanderplatz.

Participation Fee

The fee of 1,900.00 Euro plus VAT includes snacks, drinks as well as a joint lunch.
You will receive training material and handouts in the training.

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