Management Consulting

Supper & Supper has answers to the questions and challenges that concern you as a company.

With decades of experience in transformation, process and strategy projects of globally operating companies, we see ourselves as engineers for your change project.

May it be organizational changes, new business processes or comprehensive realignments: We are at your side.

We will do everything we can to help you get ahead of the digitalization process instead of running after it. Together with you, we take care of streamlining organizational structures, reengineering processes and IT systems, and structured data collection and evaluation. We work hand in hand to address these issues and create the necessary awareness at all levels of the company to enable your digital transformation.

Together with you we define lean and efficient processes with well aligned interfaces. Our change consultants will support you to develop comprehensive cooperation between business units, departments and teams and make sure that the new processes are supported by everyone.

We support you from storming to performing: During a reorganization it is essential to clarify and communicate new strategies, roles and tasks to all actors as soon as possible to be able to get back to day-to-day business. We support you in streamlining your organization and matching it to the needs of the market, while activating overlooked potential and clarifying staff members’ roles and responsibilities This is how we create a spirit of new beginnings and produce good results.

We analyse and design ideas so that they become reality: Innovation is by no means the goal of a one-off process, it is an ongoing process. To be successful, you have to reinvent yourself time and time again. We will help you to identify the right adjusting screws for your project, work out a forward-looking direction and thus lead you to a sustainably successful business model. Working with you and your team, we will identify all relevant factors to make sure your ideas and business model are successful, and will assist you with their implementation.

Short-term assignment, sustainable effect: Only interim and project managers whose personal expertise is a perfect fit for your company’s specific requirements and who are able to quickly adapt to your business environment due to their highly developed social skills can perform successfully. Our interim and project managers are equipped with an extensive range of methods and tools as well as expertise in project and process management, moderation and IT capabilities.

“True to the motto: ‘From practice, for practice’ Supper & Supper impresses again and again with innovative trainings. The strongly action-oriented structure of the trainings has led to a sustainable development of competence among all participants, from which we have profited for years.”

Martin Rust-Marx
Wolfsburg AG | Staff & Organization | Head of Human Resources Development and Training


Rafael Supper