Supper & Supper GmbH - The Change Engineers

Transformation Management

Supper & Supper supports you in all key aspects of the process of change. With decades of experience in transformation management projects within international organizations, we are prepared to engineer your change project:


We will work together with you to find new strategies for your company. We offer the input of our creative, effective professionals who match practical know-how with a big-picture perspective. We support you in optimizing and implementing new business processes. As practical, hands-on people, we assist your work toward result-oriented organizational development. An important part of this process includes helping you to ensure these changes will be supported by the stakeholders in your organization.

Digital Transformation

We support your organization during the digital change. Our toolbox includes: creating an appropriate communication strategy and its implementation, hackathons, workshops, roadshows, challenges and data science trainings. We raise awareness on all company level in order to facilitate your data transformation.

Change Engineers - Supper & Supper GmbH

Process Optimization

Together with you we define lean and efficient processes with well aligned interfaces. Our change consultants will support you to develop comprehensive cooperation between business units, departments and teams and make sure that the new processes are supported by everyone. You will face less conflicts in your team while and after the transformation process and the satisfaction and working efficiency of your staff will be supported in an optimal way.

Change Engineers - Supper & Supper GmbH


We support you from storming to performing: During a reorganization it is essential to clarify and communicate new strategies, roles and tasks to all actors as soon as possible to be able to get back to day-to-day business.
We support you in streamlining your organization and matching it to the needs of the market, while activating overlooked potential and clarifying staff members’ roles and responsibilities. This is how we create a spirit of new beginnings and produce good results.


We design, moderate and facilitate any process and workshop: from small to large groups, from team meetings to top-level strategy dialogues - strategy workshops, kickoff meetings, lessons learned workshops, steering committees, CIP workshops, info workshops, team development workshops, conflict workshops, interface workshops, etc.

Change Engineers - Supper & Supper GmbH

Change Management for IT Projects

We integrate and implement: an IT solution is only as good as its data. We make sure your IT solution is supported by everybody. We connect management, staff, and IT by giving everyone a clear understanding of how things work. Such clear channels of communication help to optimize a price/performance ratio that can be supported by all members of the staff. Such an approach facilitates good data quality, reduces support costs, and makes it likely that this system will be in place for quite some time to come.
Put simply, your organization saves time and money, and keeps morale high.

Change Engineers - Supper & Supper GmbH

Business Model Development

Analyzing, designing and realizing your ideas: Innovation is an ongoing process, not the final objective of a onetime event. To be successful, you need to keep reinventing yourself. We will help you fine-tune your business and guide you towards a successful and sustainable business model. As Change Engineers we will grow your business together with you and make adjustments – where necessary. Working with you and your team, we will identify all relevant factors to make sure your ideas and business model are successful, and will assist you with their implementation.

Change Engineers - Supper & Supper GmbH

Interim and Project Management

Short-term assignment, sustainable effect: Only interim and project managers whose personal expertise is a perfect fit for your company’s specific requirements and who are able to quickly adapt to your business environment due to their highly developed social skills can perform successfully. Our interim and project managers are equipped with an extensive range of methods and tools as well as expertise in project and process management, moderation and IT capabilities.

Change Engineers - Supper & Supper GmbH

Executive Coaching

As executive coaches, we’ll support your personal transformation and enhance your competence. Whether it’s about making major changes, managing upheavals or facing crises: We’ll be right there by your side. We’ll help you adjust proactively to changing circumstances. You’ll reach your goals in different ways – simpler and faster.

Change Engineers - Supper & Supper GmbH

Team Coaching

As your team coaches, we’ll develop common goals, define and assign tasks, and design workflows, which will help to create a solid framework for the entire team. At the same time we’ll examine group dynamics within the team, clarify relationship patterns and any possible conflict in values. Thanks to improved communication and collaboration, the team can evolve and develop something completely new together from a myriad of separate parts.

Change Engineers - Supper & Supper GmbH


No matter whether conflicts are internal or external: as an impartial third party we will help you to solve seemingly insurmountable conflicts amicably and sustainably – without selling out. You and your employees will be able to focus on your primary responsibilities, instead of investing all your energy in unresolved conflicts.