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Our expert team starts by conducting a comprehensive requirement analysis, pinpointing your business, security, and stakeholder needs. We then leverage our expertise to determine the ideal cloud provider and implementation option for you, be it AWS, Azure, Google, or a hybrid solution.

Seamlessly migrate your existing applications and data with a carefully crafted migration strategy. But we don’t stop there – we provide comprehensive support, including training and change management, ensuring a smooth transition and empowering your team with the new cloud infrastructure. Experience the transformative potential of the cloud with our trusted guidance.

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The process

Step 1

Actual/Target Analysis:

We analyze:

  • Business and stakeholder needs
  • Scalability
  • IT Security
  • Legacy data
  • Legacy applications
  • Compliance
  • GDPR

Step 2

Identify Provider

  • Based on your needs we determine suitable providers and implementation suggestions.
  • For the suggested provider we develop migration and change management strategies.

Step 3

Architecture landscape:

We provide a comprehensive report containing:

  • Current state
  • Future target state
  • Implementation and change management strategy
  • Best practices
  • Roadmap

Step 4


  • We implement the desired architecture.
  • We migrate legacy data and applications into the new architecture.
  • We support with training.
  • We support with change management measures.

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