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Our skilled team conducts a thorough analysis of your existing implementation, assessing architecture, processes, scalability, security, dependencies, and risks. We help you understand your cloud solution’s strengths and areas for improvement, tailoring recommendations to your specific requirements.

With our comprehensive deployment and monitoring review, we ensure a seamless and efficient workflow. Implementing necessary changes, we enhance your cloud infrastructure for optimal performance. Trust us to unlock the true potential of your cloud solution, driving scalability, security, and efficiency to new heights.

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The review process

Design review

We review the current implementation and provide detailed proof of concepts and sample code for possible future optimizations and best practices.

Security review

We review the architecture regarding security risks and vulnerabilities and perform penetration tests.

Dependency and risk review

We review external providers, software dependencies, etc. and compile a detailed list of existing risks with suggested countermeasures to be implemented.

Deployment and Monitoring

We review the current deployment setup and health monitoring and provide suggested improvements and best practices.


We implement the identified improvements and best practices.

The result

Through a detailed design analysis focused on your application, we help you to understand how to best leverage cloud services and technology to realize your goal.

The outcome will be a detailed review of identified issues and a suggested action plan based on the review as well as its implementation.

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