Mechanical Engineering

Data analytics and machine learning for efficient production and smart vehicles

For What

For the development, design, production and maintenance of machines, plants and equipment, knowledge from the fields of physics, mathematics and materials science is required. Beyond the physical model world, there is an enormous potential in the utilization of data-driven solutions.

Supper & Supper offers all the necessary expertise to support and optimize existing systems with state-of-the-art AI products. Efficiency potentials hidden up to now can be exploited to the full and lead to sometimes significant cost savings.


The use of data-driven models of machine learning can usefully complement existing systems and increase precision, expose patterns and enable precise planning. Possible areas of application are:

  • Anomaly detection for the identification of defective/non-normal states
  • Damage or fault prediction of running mechanical systems
  • Pattern recognition in complex systems
  • Automated detection of physical damage using image data
  • AI-supported optimization of grinding processes in precision mechanics
  • Cluster identification of damage/defect types in production

For whom

Our innovative AI solutions in the field of Mechanical Engineering are aimed at all mechanized industries that want to overcome the limits of physical models and increase their efficiency. Very attractive possibilities offer tailor-made Supper & Supper applications in the following areas:

+ Automotive
+ Medical technology
+ Precision engineering
+ Aeronautics and Space
+ Shipbuilding industry
+ Manufacturing companies

Success story

Manufacturing companies can make use of the Supper&Supper know-how in many ways. Our solutions identify and analyse anomalies in the quality data, provide a basis for decision-making for increased efficiency in production or open up cause-effect relationships between costs and quality to improve your product worlds.

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