Brains as a Service

We are the brains behind Supper & Supper. On the one hand, our team consists of experienced consultants who support companies in their digital transformation daily. On the other hand, we are characterized by clever minds who love and live Data Science.


Data Science Team

Stefanie Supper

Innovation- and Changemanagement

Patrick Vetter
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

PhD Statistics
M.Sc. Int. Business Administration
B.Sc. Int. Business Administration

Maximilian Nowottnick
Chief Information Officer (CIO)

M.Sc. Physics
B.Sc. Physics

Rainer Cramer
Senior Data Scientist

Dr. rer. nat. Biology
M.Sc. Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology (Biology)
B.Sc. Agricultural Science

Francesco Alaimo
Senior Data Scientist

PhD Applied Mathematics
M.Sc. Theoretical Physics
B.Sc. Physics

Hanna Freudenreich
Data Scientist

PhD Agricultural Economics
Master in Economic Development & Growth
B.Sc. Economics / B.A. Philosophy & Economics

Sebastian Kerres
Data Scientist

M.Sc. Automation Engineering
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Maria Dragoumi
Data Scientist

Dr. rer. nat. Quantum Chemistry
M.Sc. Physics
B.Sc. Physics

Evelina Masliankova
Data Scientist

M.Sc. Data Science
B.Sc. Data Science / Knowledge Engineering

Adriaan Kisjes
Data Scientist

M.Sc. Business Informatics
B.Sc. Computer Science

Valeria Dolce
Data Scientist

M.Sc. Computer Engineering
B.Sc. Computer and Telecommunications Engineering

Consulting Team

Rafael Supper

M.A. Philosophy, Psychology,
Informatics, Classical Archaeology,
History of Art and Ethnology

Sid Hinrichs
Head of Consulting

M.Sc. Business Informatics
B.Sc. Business Informatics

Laura Jörke
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

B.A European Management

Alim Gülfirat

B.Eng. Medical Physics

Lisa Strehlow
Office Management

State-certified business economist / hotel manager