Data Operations

From prototype to AI product

Initial situation

Data Operations is the core of every AI product development. This field includes all services aimed at bringing validated Data Mining/Machine Learning prototypes into their productive business environment.

Step by Step


We bring the prototype up to the production level. The final machine learning models are designed and integrated into your business processes.


Before we make the AI product available to a wide range of users, we evaluate the usability of the results with all implementing groups and adjust structures if necessary. We scale up the application to more and more users and data and transfer it to an appropriate IT platform that guarantees stability, availability, data security and performance.


Working with DevOps, we connect operations and further development, and implement a continuous delivery pipeline that, based on user feedback, constantly improves your AI application.


At the end of the data operations period, the AI product is fully integrated into your business processes and generates knowledge advantage, increased efficiency or valid statements about future developments.

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